September 8, 2012


I have a new online shopping site to share -! I chanced upon Tobi accidentally while looking at some Youtube videos.

They were having this big 50% off your first purchase and I was in the mood for buying some shades. They had a lovely range although it's not exactly a big selection, but they had enough to satisfy my cravings.

The first pair I bought was this.

Tegan Sunglasses in Black

They were originally $12 but it was under the sale section and I managed to snag it for $3! That's probably cheaper than those from Singapore. These are your staple black shades that everyone should own a pair of.

Fun In The Sunglasses in Pink

This pair of shades was so adorable I couldn't resist buying it. It was originally $12, then it was on sale for $8 but I had an additional 50% off the original retail price, so I paid $6 for it in the end. The Tegan shades' final price was $3, so I couldn't use the discount coupon on that. These babies came in 10 colours but they only have the red ones left. Apparently, I bought the last pair of pink. For some strange reason, the pink ones were the most expensive out to the ten colours.

Anyway, originally I thought they had some free worldwide shipping policy but as it turns out, I thought wrong. Well, it still applies if your order exceeds $150, so I had to pay an additional $9.95 for international shipping. Still, two pairs of shades for less than $20 sounds like a good deal to me!

Shipping is going to take two to four weeks and I can't wait for them to arrive! I will blog about them again when they have safely arrived.

Click here for 50% off your total purchase!

Thanks for reading, bye!

*Prices stated are in USD.

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