December 7, 2014

Space Marble Nails


I'm gonna revive this dead space... and I guess my virgin gel manicure experience is worthy of kick-starting it.

I've finally done my very first gel manicure! If you know me, you should probably know that I love all things marble! I mean, just look at my blog header and my marble birthday cake. I was so happy when Fiona from @fionaamournails did this beautiful space marbled design for me.

Prior to this, I was always either doing my own manicures or I would head to a nail salon once every two months but up till now, I've not tried doing gel nails before. Damnnnnn, I really should have tried it earlier because gel manicures are so much more convenient and fuss-free for a klutz like me. You literally only need a maximum of 60 seconds for each layer to be cured and it's does not budge at all afterwards. Plus, I almost always destroy 90% of my freshly-done manicures within a few hours but I'm pretty sure this one is going to stay unless my whole nail drops off. :')

Anyway, Fiona operates a home-based nail in Sengkang Fernvale area, so if you live in that area, you should definitely look her up! Her house is really near to Fernvale Station and if you think that a home-based salon does not have as many supplies or the colours you want, you're wrong! In fact, Fiona is a professional manicurist and she does have all the supplies that you need for the perfect manicure.

Just look at the shelves of polishes!

And that's just what was on display. I actually spotted a huge cardboard box filled with other polishes too.

While doing my nails, Fiona was really friendly and taught me a lot of tips and tricks, like that one on how to keep my nail polishes from drying out. I wished I learnt that earlier because it could have saved the lives of at least 20 bottles of nail polish.

The whole process took about one and a half hour and each stroke was meticulously painted on. I'm not even kidding and it was interesting to watch. In the end, I got myself a set of space-looking marble nails. Totally suits me, because I'm so obsessed with all things spacey recently, thanks to Interstellar.

Apart from doing marble designs, she does a bunch of other amazing designs as well. In fact, she can do anything if you show her a sample. Check out her Instagram @fionaamournails for more designs!

Amour Nails

To make an appointment, simply drop Fiona a message or WhatsApp at 9026-2166. You can also check out her Facebook page for more updates!

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