January 1, 2015

Goodbye 2014

So... I guess another year has passed. As usual, there were ups and downs throughout the year.

It was an interesting year with great experiences. It was the year I took Instagram way too seriously. It was the year I paid too much attention to drawing perfect eyebrows (and nope, it's still nowhere near perfect and I have to resort to eyebrow embroidery soon). It was the year of smoothie diet dinners. It was the year where I drank chlorophyll. But nonetheless, here are some of my (less superficial) highlights:

1) Working full-time
No doubt, it was great to be given the opportunity to work for this digital agency. I managed to work on many campaigns and got to meet legendary humans. The experience was nothing short of amazing and plus, it gave me a glimpse of my future work life.

Not to forget, the people I've met in this agency are some of the nicest people ever!
They say you learn as you go and I guess that's true because there are a lot of things out that waiting to be explored which you'd never know until you've tried. I guess working really does make a person more mature and responsible.

2) Travelling
I'm thankful I've managed to travel to many places this year. Each trip was unique and it created many different memories with different people. One of the more memorable incidents was pretending to be an ABC when I somehow landed myself in a prostitute den in HK. Phuket was definitely the most relaxing and it wasn't just the trip but instead, it was about who you were with too. Tokyo was a great place to visit and an eye-opener. I mean, you don't get to eat raw horse meat everyday. Taiwan, which I just came back from a few days ago, was great too. It not because of the place but because I got to spend time with my family. I can't survive in the mountains and without Internet.

Caught a beautiful sunset in Tamsui District, Taiwan

3) Being single
Not too sure how this fits into highlights of the year but I guess it is worth a mention. Some people need to constantly be in a relationship. Thankfully, I don't belong to that gang. For the longest time ever, I've been in solitary confinement but throughout the year, I've met and seen so many damaged souls it's a relief to be at the sidelines. I'd rather be single than to be in a wrong relationship.

"The more you know a person, the less you want to know a person." - @gwensies

4) Losing a friend or two
Okay... this was something I was not okay with. I think good friends (or best friends) or hard to come by and that is why I cherish each friendship I have, especially people whom I've known longer. I guess things happen and people change and perhaps they realise you aren't as important anymore. It's disappointing but shit happens. You've just got to suck it up and move on.


While 2014 was interesting, it was also uneventful. I didn't exactly fulfill my 2014 resolutions. I'm still unfit. I still have my vice habits. I still haven't found my ability at saving money. But it's ok, I'll live.

Moving forward, the next chapter of my life starts in approximately one and a half months. I'll definitely meet new people, adapt to a new culture and learn how to survive. The next few weeks left in Singapore will be precious and ideally, I would really want to spend it with people that matter.

Goodbye 2014. I can't say it had been great but I'm not complaining either.

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  1. Hello, I met your blog while I was looking for a not related topic, this is what I call "luck". With a deep look into your post, I see that you seem to be a pure-heart person that praise friendship. Congratulations, nowadays this is hard to find. Should I hit your email inbox with an particular message?