October 8, 2015

Hey, how ya doin'

Yoohoooooooo! Just a life update. I realise I haven't blogged since the first day of January. That's approximately... 10 months ago. I also realised I've not blogged since I came to Australia.

I just want to let you guys know I AM STILL ALIVE. Here's my face.
One of my biggest life regrets is not getting that minion cap when I should have.
I'm sorry that I haven't replied to anyone via comments for those Taobao posts. I'm sure you have dying questions. Honestly, I didn't expect those posts to be so popular. I guess we all love things made in China. If you still have questions, please email me at gwensies@live.com. That's a faster way to reach me because I check my inbox every day but don't get mad at me if I don't. Sometimes I don't reply because I really don't know how to answer you and plus, I'm not a Taobao god.

So... life in Melbourne is great. Well, kind of. School's like three days each week this semester and that means I practically have a long weekend every week. And the best part is, school is ending next week. :)))))))

Oh, I've been taking driving lessons too! I'm not trying to fit into the stereotype where they say women can't drive but... I'm starting to think it's true. I can't properly gauge how to centre my car and shit like that. I've already crashed once but I'm sure practice makes perfect, right??????

I do miss my friends back in Singapore. Well, I did go back in June for a month or so and met up with all my lovely friends. And Jasper came to visit me recently last month. Min is coming next month and so are my parents. They said it was a honeymoon but I bet they just wanted to check if I was alive and made sure I was not doing drugs.

But I miss my cats the most. Thank god my family has been sending me random videos and photos of my cats. That's been keeping me sane.

Should I blog? Do people even read what I write? I bet that's a question every common soul has when they start a blog.

Oh yes, by the way, I'm a proud owner of a website now. I'm getting so professional and shit.

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