February 10, 2015


So, as some of you may know, I'm leaving for Melbourne to further my studies for the next one and a half years.

This post has been in the drafts for quite some time and I just wanted to share some random thoughts I had each passing day before my trip.

5 January 2015
Started telling people to book me if they wanted to meet me before I fly. Started filling up my calendar 'cos it's cool and shit.

10 January 2015
Went over to Min's house to cook some aglio olio and get ready for Zouk later. Well... I apparently can't use the knife for nuts but I'll learn to survive.

12 January 2015
Went to my sister's school to collect her O Level results. WOW, SHE WAS THE TOP STUDENT. Decided to attempt cooking aglio olio again. Pretty yumz. Can officially cut stuff with the knife now.

20 January 2015
Went to meet Yaxue who just stopped over in SG for a day before flying back to Melbourne. Also sent her to the airport. Airport certainly drew circles in my heart.

24 January 2015
IDP Pre-departure seminar. Reminded myself I had to take a proper selfie ID photo for the ISIC card. Well, had to look human at least. Went to get a lifetime supply of panty liners and sanitary pads because... IDK it feels better to use a familiar brand???? Now I'm thinking if the airport security would find my luggage suspicious...

2 February 2015
Saw that whole pile of unwanted clothes sitting on my platform and got really uncomfortable. Decided to do a mini-photoshoot to put everything on Carousell. As soon as I uploaded, my Carousell was flooded. Got pissed at some idiots who asked me to throw in postage for free.

3 February 2015
Lost weight! I'm back to 40kg or the weighing machine is faulty. :( 

6 February 2015
Kids came over 'cos I decided to make some Japanese curry for them. Domesticated me failed this time and corn starch saved the day. And my best friend got together with this really tall guy (like 1.9m) who she invited over to my place so I could see that he was no cereal killer. Ok I admit I was watching him half the time when he walked past doorways 'cos I was wondering when he would hit his head...

8 February 2015
Started packing more clothes into my luggage. How the fuck did I accumulate so much shit... 75% of my wardrobe managed to fit into one luggage. Oh god, I still have outerwear, PJs, bags and shoes. My shoes. OMG. And there were still those back-up skincare and cosmetics which I stocked up on. Oh, and like 10 packets of sanitary pads and panty-liners. FML.

Oh and I had a family dinner in town earlier with my other aunt. A housefly flew into our hotpot. Someone kiap-ed it out immediately (5 second rule) and I said it was ok so we decided not to change the pot 'cos there was so much food we put inside. As I'm typing this now, my stomach feels really uncomfortable and I feel like vomitting. Pretty sure it was not the housefly contaminating the soup with its puny bacteria-laced body but more me overeating. A thousand thoughts ran through my mind that sounded alot like this: OMG FOOD POISONING????? I CAN'T GET FOOD POISONING!!! I NEED TO ENJOY MY LAST WEEK IN SG. FUCK I SHOULDN'T HAVE TOLERATED THAT FLY. FML. *Googles indigestion* Ahhh... Indigestion. Ok sleep.

9 February 2015
Headed to town and I. Can't. Believe. I. Bought. More. Shit!!!!!!!! Worst of the lot was buying from Cotton On... which came from Australia. Met Denny for dinner who asked me if I was sad 'cos I'm leaving. I said no but I lied. Truth was... I was fucking sad!!!!!!! Went home and told my cat this was the last week she's gonna sleep in my room. *sheds tear*

That's all I have. 

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